7 Seas Freight Network

7 Seas Freight Network is a global alliance of independent international freight forwarders who have joined together to offer superior service to shippers for their cargo at both the origin and destination points.

7 Seas Freight Network is a worldwide umbrella network of selected members who cooperate under established standards, actively promote and support each other in the handling of profitable freight forwarding, logistics, customs brokerage and related services by pooling of sales and operational resources.

7 Seas Freight Network members tend to be small to medium in size, locally owned companies with hands-on management, local port knowledge, experience in the market, and a desire to build a lasting service relationship. They take the time to get to know you and your business, going the extra mile to make certain your shipments arrive or depart without problems or delay.

And because of their network participation, 7 Seas Freight Network members have known and trusted international counterparts on the other end of the shipment who are equally dedicated to serve your interests. Under the 7 Seas Freight Network umbrellas, their cooperating agents take the same care with your shipment and your customer or vendor.


  • Members Conference: Held annually in different locations throughout the world.
  • Quality Standards: Strict operational, sales and marketing standards.
  • Arbitration: The 7SFN it’s an independent freight forwarders network. Created to give our members a full support in their operations. So we will arbitrate on any eventual dispute or communication problem between our Members.
  • Exclusive Members Area (E.M.A.): with a specially designed area, our members will have the latest and full information about the 7SFN partners. Tools designed to satisfy all your communications requests.

For more visit: www.7sfn.com