Advanced International Networks (AIN) has owned and operated the AerOceaNetwork (AON) since 2003.

The multi-national, multi-lingual AIN management team understand the needs of freight forwarders and, in addition, have the experience and the expertise to run AerOceaNetwork.

AON is a like-minded, non-exclusive group of independent international freight forwarders who want to excel in their markets.

Our mission is to build the AON name around the globe. We meet annually to develop our business pipelines and establish personal ties, which quite often even develop into lifelong friendships – another benefit of joining our group of forwarders.

The AON Team invite only positive people who run progressive companies to become AON Members.

We will abide by that Membership profile requirement and build on it for the future. As a result, everyone benefits from this.

Do you have what it takes?

Before becoming AON Members, prospective applicants have to provide references from companies with which they have worked.

We check these company references for prospective applicants’

financial soundness,
operational competence,
mutual sales development capability and follow up, and
communication skills (both for ability as well as response time),
together with other pertinent information.
We offer AON Membership only to prospective applicants with satisfactory company references.

Want to know more?

AON Members are companies that have the desire to develop their cargo business with reliable and progressive international freight partners. You can preview the list of AON Members here.

You have the chance to network with like-minded professionals at Members’ meetings around the world.

Other Benefits?

AON Members benefit from a Financial Protection Program. Moreover, there are many additional benefits to AON Member Partners provided by a number of Affiliate Companies.

Go to our Benefits of Joining AON page for full details of what you can expect from Membership in AerOceaNetwork.

So, don’t delay, Apply for AON Membership today!