Africa Logistics Network

Why a new Network? We think the 21st century is the one of Africa and we want to be the Freight Forwarder Network for the new Century.

At the end of last century, due to the important growth of the international transports, the worldwide Freight Forwarders realized that to keep just a relation with their abroad Agents was not sufficient anymore and, furthermore, it was very expensive to maintain relations with very long business trips, contacts and so on.

According to these necessities, the idea of a Network took place. The idea in fact was very simple: to build up a network of Members, not only Agents, with a very wide presence in a more and more increased number of Countries. The most efficient Network should cover all countries in the world and arrange a selection of the new entries.

The most interesting point has been the creation of “Annual Meetings”, started with an annual frequency, to evolve later in a more frequent or focused on some specific activity meetings. The advantage of meetings is to offer during a short period (3 or 4 days) the possibility to meet, to know and to discuss about current problems with new potential partners from all over the world, without forgetting how the city of the meeting has been always very nice and comfortable.

With this philosophy, the number of Networks increased a lot and, as usual in such situation, some of them have been respectful of the original ideas whilst other network became just a money machine on new entry’s fees.


  • Paying close attention to the selection of new Members and making sure everyone respects and follows the Rules and Regulations and the Code of Ethics. The current member maximum is three per country.
  • Organizing the Annual General Meetings.
  • Managing of the Guarantee Fund.
  • Sending regularly (every 15 to 20 days) the Newsletter to over 22,500 email addresses (starting at the end of October 2016) covering all industry news, events, legal changes.
  • Closely working with the FDRS (Freight Debts Recovery system), LUA (Logistics Update Africa), and supporting WAR CHILD (a nongovernmental international aid organization).
  • Quickly replying to all requests and offering 24h assistance.
  • Promoting our members by showcasing their own dedicated profiles on the ALN website.
  • Publishing our members’ websites and information on our social network pages, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Always offering a neutral arbitration;
  • Willing and open to all and any suggestions and comments to help improve our services and member satisfaction.

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