Cargo World Network (CWN) is a network that brings together leading consolidators in every country to create a global network of Less than Container Load (LCL) services. The collective local resources, knowledge and facilities of our members give our customers the competitive advantage of accessing innovative ideas and direct sailings connecting ports worldwide.

Founded in 2014, the network is headquartered in Hong Kong and joined by six core members with a global track record in advancing the LCL industry to become dominant players in their local markets – AMASS International Group (China, Hong Kong & USA), FM Global Logistics (Southeast Asia & India), TCI International Logistics (Germany & Scandinavia), Cargo Movers International (UK), Boxline UCL (Italy, Adriatic & Baltic), and Consol Alliance (Australia).


Our network of leading consolidators provides a mutually beneficial relationship that allows members to maximise resources on a global scale while customers leverage on the simplicity of having globally connected solutions within easy access.

Customer-Centric Solutions

CWN was created out of a collective need to serve the increasingly global requirements of our customers. Our members are local, established leaders, with long-term customer relationships built on service excellence, enabling the network to capitalise on their expertise and experience.

Global Leaders with Local Expertise

CWN members are leading consolidators in their markets that have consistently outperformed competitors in their countries. Adding up their individual strengths in terms of local resources, efficiencies and market coverage in one powerful network generates a globally leading solution for ocean freight consolidation.


Our members are successful entrepreneurs with a proven track record in delivering reliable LCL solutions to major ports worldwide. Their entrepreneurial spirit and strong local knowledge is the backbone of our network and the foundation of our success. We are constantly innovating and improving our capabilities to grow with our customers.

Smart IT Network

Our Smart IT Network connects members and customers across CWN, allowing seamless access to a combination of LCL services on a global scale. With proven IT capabilities in place, our customers can focus on planning their shipments with speed and simplicity.

Unified Service Standards

Our strict membership vetting procedures ensure that only the best companies with a proven track record and highest efficiency are eligible. Our unified service standards ensure operational integrity that will guarantee quality service to our customers.

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