Centennial Logistics Network

We at Centennial Logistics Network, starting our services on 1st July 2015 – giving you free Membership up till 30 June 2016, where you don’t have to pay any Membership fee and Trust Fund fee.

We have a dedicated team of Recruitment which will work on searching active freight forwarders to make them Members of the family. Centennial Logistics Network (hereinafter referred to as “CLN”) is looking for companies from various scales of businesses in the sophisticated freight-forwarding industry. Logistics (comprising of air, sea, land transportation and 3 P/L) has the potential for sizeable growth yearly.

Being a Network company for freight forwarders we don’t believe in an over-crowded Network, as we think that being over-crowded will lead to lack of attention and communication among Members, seeing that we have restricted ourself to having only 5 Members per country whereas big countries like China, India and USA will have 8 Members per country.

Our significant focus will always be on our Members so that they could take advantage of its growth, our efforts will be to benefit member with increased volumes and more transactions within a short while after joining Centennial Logistics Network (CLN) and transact with one another. In which we will try our best to offer a full range of business opportunities to Members to better serve their needs, and more importantly their bottom line.

Being part of this Network will offer you a unique opportunity to get to know our Members personally and bringing business opportunities and contacts across the world to you as our Member. An annual conference will be held purely for Members of Network so that we all can get to know each other.


Centennial Logistics Network brings you top local and regional freight forwarders from markets all over the world in a group that provides shippers and exporters with better value and logistics power. Our members have full-fledged services who can serve you with proper services keeping professionalism parallel to it.

Members will also have the opportunity to do DDU/ DDP or DAP (Delivery at your place) shipments among yourselves within the protection of Trust fund.

We understand how important costing is involved in this competitive world where every firm’s major concentration will be on managing costs, that’s the reason here we made sure that costing involved when joining us should not be expensive and it should be quite easy to be done, that made us keep the Membership fee of USD 950.00 (Waived till 31 Dec 2015) and Trust Fund fee of USD 500.

Membership fee is a fee which we collect from Members towards their Membership to our Network, Membership fee is USD 950.00, and these charges are to cover our administrative costs.

For more visit: www.centennialogisticsnetwork.com