CGL Network

Welcome to the CGL Network. We are an international network of Members and operating as NVOCC, Freight Forwarding, Consolidation, Vessel agencies & other Shipping Related Activities Viz Vessel Chartering , Project Cargo Management, Vessel Selling & Buying who together offer individual attention with the global reach, and competitive pricing of a multi-national organization.

As many companies nowadays all desire a safe and good business environment as well as multiple cooperative business relationships to benefit from, in addition to current business relationships, friendship network is also much important in building mutual trust. Becoming a member of an association or organization, thus, plays a necessary part in producing practical results, as followsCGL is a network of friendship all over the world and building multi-lateral trust.

Day-in day-out, cargo all over the world is driven by supply & demand chains which require Shipping Professionals and highly sophisticated IT expertise and supervision to fulfill the needs of Partners and Clients on a global scale. In order to remain competitive in the International market members have been synergizing their efforts and expertise to offer enhanced supply chain management solutions, focusing on the needs and requirements of our individual customers


CGL Network is actively involved in conducting activities on behalf of members and we are focused on one thing: providing opportunities to increase business and expand into new markets. CGL Network is committed to helping all its members improve their profits and develop their business expectations through their membership.

CGL Network members will be recognized as the best in the business by other freight forwarders, shippers and importers.


We invite others to join us on our mission to advance the development of CGL Network , a platform for relational data visualization and analysis, through the formation of the CGL Network. We are interested to hear from companies, and individuals who share our core goals

  • To build.
  • To improve the Services at low cost and to create standards to ensure interoperability

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