Conqueror Freight Network

The Conqueror Freight Network (CQR) brings together carefully-selected freight forwarders in each major city which cooperate reciprocally and securely to expand their businesses, reduce costs and risks, and compete on more equal terms against the largest international companies.


Every month the “mega-forwarders” receive thousands of shipments from their own offices around the world.

Their brand names and global scope help them win the biggest contracts from clients, and they get the best rates from carriers.

Independent freight forwarders

They must often work with unknown agents risking leaving customers unsatisfied and invoices unpaid.

Without a worldwide brand name and a network of reliable agents, they cannot bid for the biggest contracts. Alone, they are too small to obtain better rates from carriers.


  • An Exclusive Territory
  • Clear Definition of Territories
  • New Business
  • Reliable Partners Everywhere
  • Complete Member Information
  • Faster Quotations
  • Payment Protection
  • A Global Brand
  • Standard Protocols and Forms
  • Lower Rates from Carriers and Insurers
  • A Chance to Bid for the Largest Contracts

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