Dubai Shipping Agents Association


The objectives of the Dubai Shipping Agents’ Association – hereinafter referred to as the “Association” – are the following:-

  • 1. To promote the joint interests of the shipping agents’ community in Dubai.
  • 2. To advance the shipping industry by the establishment of a sound shipping agency representation.
  • 3. To regulate and promote sound business ethics and professional appropriate conduct among registered shipping agents, member of the Association in keeping with the aims and objectives of the association and the standing and standards of the shipping industry, in conjunction with the relevant government authorities as far as appropriate.
  • 4. To foster and strengthen the relations and co-operation between shipping agents, principals, shippers, the customs authorities and other governmental, national and international trade organizations.
  • 5. To promote the systematic and orderly training of a chore of professionally qualified personal and to maintain and upgrade such skills that contribute to the shipping industry as a whole.
  • 6. To do all things / or such other acts which the Executive Committee may consider desirable and necessary in the interests of the registered agents.
  • 7. The Association is a non-profit organization, not engaged in any commercial activity.

Dubai Shipping Agents Association
P.O Box: 27345
Dubai United Arab Emirates
Tel: 00971-4-3453144
Fax: 00971-4-3456411
Web: www.dubaisaa.ae