European Freight Forwarders Association

The European Freight Forwarders Association (EFFA) is an association of small and medium sized freight forwarders. The EFFA wishes to attract good quality, independent, International freight forwarders and provide them with a network of agents so that each member can have the same strength, security, structure and networking capabilities as the large multi-national enterprises. This association of reliable independent agents will be able to better compete in the growing global economy.

As a non-profit organization the EFFA provides a forum for this budget conscious network of independent freight forwarders to conduct business with other members of the organization who also provide excellent service at a low cost, by maintaining personal service and low operating costs. It is not mandatory for agents to use other member agents in specific regions, although such co-operation is encouraged.

If you are a Freight Forwarder or Customs Broker, and you would like information on how your company can join the EFFA, please contact the EFFA head quarters.

EFFA NMA – Non-Member Agent

EFFA will accept up to 5 Non Member Agents in a given territory. After a period of 1 full year as an NMA the agent can apply to become an EFFA Member. If there are other NMAs in this territory they will be contacted and advised that an NMA in their territory has applied for Membership status. They will be offered the chance to apply as well. The agent that succeeds will become the EFFA member. All remaining NMAs will be advised that the territory is no longer available. NMAs wishing to become an EFFA member must be proposed by an EFFA member and attend an interview at the next EFFA meeting.

EFFA Member

EFFA members are freight companies that have been approved by the management of EFFA and have the sole rights to a territory. Members will be expected to attend annual meetings and to promote EFFA and the members of EFFA. An EFFA member has the right to show the EFFA logo on all their company stationery.

For more visit: www.effa.com