Forwarder Fast Finder Group

January 2012 was the starting point of this great project, with the creation of Forwarder Fast Finder.

At the time, it became the largest transport agents web portal, with over 50.000 pages in six different languages. At the present moment, with the changes produced in order to give it a more global notoriety, it has over 500.000 unique urls, and soon it will become the largest web portal in all of the world wide web.

Luis Magalhaes was the name behind this idea. A successful Portuguese entrepreneur, who started his technological company at the age of 18, and has since dedicated the last 15 years to the launch of large web portals, mainly at an international level, with multi-language websites. Highly educated in web marketing tools, and in charge of projects with great success to a global scale, which have gathered millions of monthly visits to the most diverse websites.

This website was maintained under the support of people connected to AICEP PORTUGAL GLOBAL, a Portuguese Estate Agency which overlooks billions of euro transactions on imports and exports in Portugal. This agency, through their direct contacts with almost all of the international official entities of each country, would be providing the necessary logistic support and financial backing towards the formation of a large world network, providing the necessary credibility to the project. Their benefit would come mostly from the country projection all over the globe, through the greatness of the portal. However due to the lack of understanding between both parties on who should be handling and maintaining the network, this deal was dropped.


Our main goal is that new national and international companies can contact the highlighted freight members of our global network. This will be achieved using some strategies full of innovation and never seen before.

Our Mission

We prepare the future with a sense of constant evolution. The starting point for the success of this network is the total satisfaction of each and every member, that is our mission.

Forwarder Fast Finder Group
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