Freight Forwarder Network

A strong forwarders network is crucial to serve our customers in the best way.

Therefore we built a democratic network where all members are evenly treated, were board and president are elected by assembly for a period of time only and where money is spent for initiatives in favor of members business development only. Where all financials and all decisions will be transparent and easy accessible to the members, and where the Corporate Governance does not allow any personal benefits for the board.

This is the way we believe a network should operate. If you believe the same, please contact us and we might be happy to meet you at our annual meetings.

Our mission

  • A non profit organisation, transparent in finance and in corporate governance, with only one purpose: to serve it’s members.
  • To enable a worlwide smooth and cost effective operation for international forwarding.
  • Generate as much as profitable business amongst its members.
  • Guarantee reliable members both in operations as in finance.

Corporate governance

Member policy & acceptance

  • Max 2 members per country, exceptions US, China and India: max 2 per region
  • Financial stable IATA agent, or balance sheet signed by the accountant
  • At least on the market for 5 years
  • Active in the Freight forwarding business
  • Three references, minimum one of existing member

For more visit: www.ffnetwork.info