Freight International Group

Freight International Group was formed to improve the global reach and business opportunities of it’s partners. The concept is simple. FIG partners are appointed as exclusive agents for their specific territory and encouraged to trade with each other around the world in the knowledge that each ‘Partner’ is bound by the FIG Code of Conduct and has been carefully vetted by the FIG Administration.

In addition, the FIG Organisation is promoted globally and further opportunities are established through various marketing activities. New and innovative initiatives are being constantly developed by FIG Administration to benefit our FIG ‘family’.

In just seven short years, FIG has grown to become one of the world’s strongest ‘exclusive’ freight networks and continues to grow further in strength and scope through a process of continuous improvement.

Worldwide trading relationships are based on trust, reliability and commitment.

These relationships are being formed NOW in the FIG Network!

FIG Administration offices are now based in the UK with a small team of dedicated staff.

Because we are not freight forwarders, FIG remains completely unbiased and are able to maintain a neutral position with all FIG Partners. Our aim is to provide a platform for our partners to increase trade between themselves and their exposure to the global market place. Our staff are full-time employees whose sole purpose is to improve the capabilities and opportunities to our membership.

In providing this service, FIG will ensure that all partners adhere to the FIG code of conduct and will protect the interests of our membership at all times. We will promote partners activities on the world stage and actively canvass new business for our membership.

FIG Administration offers it’s membership possibly the best communication tools of any freight network. All offices can be reached with ‘instant chat’, our own ‘instant messaging’ facility, internal ‘e-mail’ systems, and our very own desk-top FIG Toolbar giving access to all important data in a click of a mouse!

During our FIG Annual Conference, FIG’s bespoke meeting planning software allows our FIG delegates to pre-arrange one-on-one meetings with each other. Additionally partners can schedule meetings with each other directly from their own offices through a variety of methods.

FIG has already won a prestigious ‘Premier of Queensland Export Award’ for ICT and will continue to provide the very best support available to our FIG ‘family as we approach global coverage (100+ members).

Membership Benefits

  • Only ONE FIG Partner per country
  • Trusted FIG Partners throughout the world supporting your business
  • First class communication tools
  • Increase your global reach to 90+ countries (and growing)
  • Admin centres in UK and Australia
  • Best value of any freight network
  • Best Annual Conference of any freight network (voted by members)
  • Hand-picked members with great reputations and financially secure

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