Frontline Freight Networks

FRONTLINE FREIGHT NETWORKS is a Global Family of the Finest Freight Forwarders, NVOCC, Consolidators, Multimodal Operators, Custom Broker, Vessel Agencies & All Shipping Related Activities Viz Vessel Chartering, Project Cargo, Break Bulk Managers, Vessel Selling & Buying From the Shipping Industry.

FRONTLINE FREIGHT NETWORKS is a Network of competent and Reliable Shipping & Logistics Professionals with a clear Vision to setup single Network which benefit to its international Freight Forwarders & NVOCC Community.

Network Benefits

FRONTLINE FREIGHT NETWORKS Business opportunities, all of Family’s activities on behalf of members being focused on one thing: providing opportunities to increase business and expand into new markets. Network is committed to helping all its members to improve their profits. Also, have good response to other fellow member’s to inquiries or queries, which may arise…! Joining FFN is a wonderful opportunity for companies to form new alliances and leverage their business on a global scale! Professional & Experienced Members Worldwide Coverage Regular Network Meetings Monthly News Letter’s 24 hour access to on line Members directory Long term Relationships Financial Netting System Enjoying Global Recognition of the Frontline Freight Networks. (FFN)


NVOCC, Freight Forwarding, Shipping Agency, Vessel Chartering, Ship Brokerage, Cargo Brokerage, Project Management, Ship Management Supply Chain Management, Break Bulk , Container Service and consolidation / De Consolidation. Port Services, Stevedoring, Inland Transportation, Warehousing Facility. Container Trading. Selling and Purchasing (SNP) of Vessels. Commodity Trading Mainly involved in export of Cement, Rice & Minerals, Scrap, Sugar). Concentrate collective efforts and apply for funding Provide leadership in developments (roadmaps, mentoring, support) Organize and support the community.

List Standards

All Members will support fellow FFN Members to the fullest extent and be active in sales activity for mutual benefit. Members will respect the customer base of each FFN Member. All privileged information must be treated in the strictest confidence. All Members must be able to offer a full range of services including air and sea forwarding and customs clearing unless agreed at the time of joining. All stated international shipping advice must be adhered to by Members. Members may only promote offices on the FFN web-site which have been awarded as exclusive territories by FFN administration. Members will be offered exclusive territories only when offices are fully owned or operated by them (not agencies). All communications and quote requests must be answered within 24 hour. Monthly accounts must be settled within 30 days of month end unless otherwise agreed. Members must attend the FFN AGM within 1 year of joining (unless exceptional circumstances prevail and with prior agreement of FFN administration).

Rules of Membership

All Members will have equal standing within the FFN (Frontline Freight Networks) organization and no bias or favoritism will be shown by FFN administration or other FFN Members. All fees invoiced by FFN administration will be settled by the due date. Similarly, FFN will undertake to make payments or rebates to Members promptly. Fees may increase from time to time but by no more than 10% in any given year. Members will undertake to offer an exemplary service in respect of other Members and Clients and will conduct themselves in a professional and considerate manner at all times. No abusive or defamatory remarks through any medium will be tolerated. If a Member leaves the FFN network for whatever reason, the use of the FFN name or logo should form no part of that company’s promotional material. Nor shall that company continue to claim membership of the FFN network. Should this situation occur FFN will consider this act a Breach of Contract and will prosecute accordingly. Failure to attend two consecutive AGMs without the consent of FFN Administration will result in expulsion from the FFN Network. Non-payment of inter-network invoices by a Member should be flagged to FFN administration for mediation. If a Member is deemed to have defaulted on a payment to a fellow Member, FFN reserves the right to notify all Members using the FFN Notice board. FFN will accept no financial liability for non-payment by Members. Members may leave the FFN organization at any time. Fees will not be refunded. FFN deem that a Member is in breach of the FFN Rules and Regulations and expel that Member from the organization. All FFN Members are required to dedicate a minimum of 50 % of their annual business to FFN Members. These FFN Rules and Regulations may be added to with the prior consultation of all FFN Member.