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Global Affinity Alliance

We are a network for logistics companies who seek to work together for the health and benefit not just of the GAA, but for their fellow group members. Our ideal members are newly incorporated companies and start-ups with experienced, veteran leadership. Our members demonstrate and contribute knowledge about regulations, market conditions and opportunities in their home markets for import, export and domestic cargo.

Global Affinity Alliance members benefit from the cross network affiliations with the World Cargo Alliance (WCA) and Lognet Associations, bringing them far greater financial protection and increased buying power for services than they could secure themselves.


Financial Protection Plan

Member to member protection of up to USD 50,000 within the network and USD 25,000 for cross-network transactions with WCA members. Financial reimbursement is awarded only after our professional staff has taken every possible action to collect directly on your behalf. Note that due to conditions in some countries, as well as US / UN / EU imposed sanctions on others, the Gold Medallion Financial Protection Plan is not available in some countries.

Freight Services Liability Insurance

GAA’s Freight Services Liability (FSL) insurance is a tailored product designed to protect members’ businesses as well as their agent and clients. FSL is purchased by freight forwarders and incorporates both Errors & Omissions (E&O) and legal liability coverage. As the world’s first such online system, GAA’s FSL is far cheaper than any other comparable insurance policies and boasts as much as twice the coverage at half the premium cost. For more information, click here to visit World Insurance Services.

Partner Pay

Partner Pay is unique platform that offers free banking transactions across multiple currencies. Partner Pay is an online portal that makes managing receivables and payables easy and simple. Partner Pay is accessible through your GAA membership; a benefit that will save you thousands a year managing foreign account settlements. For more on Partner Pay including conditions and enrollment information.

For more visit: globalaffinityalliance.com