Global Freight Alliance

Global Freight Alliance is a freight forwarding network with one main principle: Networking.

Networking is the basis behind our company and the services that we represent. Many freight forwarders join freight forwarding associations as it allows them to link together and mutually benefit by working together with a group of professional agents from all over the world.

Global Freight Alliance is a logistics network that is focused on quality. Our quality of service is gained through our detailed selection process which is done by an on-site visit of our selected member branches. GFA takes a close look at each potential member, their business, facilities and other factors. In additional to this we also take into consideration recommendations from fellow members of our logistics network. It is our goal to select the finest candidates to join our network of forwarders.

With regard to the daily business within our network, we constantly monitor business transaction between our members to ensure that members are working together for the mutual benefit of all. Our management team monitors the members’ outstanding invoices between each other and sends out payment reminders when they are necessary. You can rest assured that by working with an Global Freight Alliance member you will know that they are a reliable and efficient branch.

For us networking is not offering a platform – we simply enjoy bringing people together and this is what it´s all about: Global Freight Alliance is not a phonebook, it´s a group of people, it´s a forwarder´s family!


  • Annual Conferences
  • Financial Protection Program
  • Global Coverage

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