Global Freight Group

The Global Freight Group prides itself on its strong inter-member relationships. When seeking our members’ opinions, there was a recurring theme – friendliness. Not to be undervalued, this friendliness ensures that your freight is handled by individuals who you know personally. Other networks may ‘speak volumes’ but that may be volumes of members, at the expenses of personal service. What benefit is volume without good service?

By contrast, the GFG members treat your freight as their own. You can be sure that your cargo is handled by a person who cares, however far away from origin or destination.

The GFG delivers exclusivity to its members, without demanding it. The GFG is realistic – a strong company will already have good contacts which it shouldn’t have to abandon. We welcome these contacts as strengths not threats.

Being exclusive means only choosing the right members, which means you can rely on them to handle your freight with confidence. Such is the GFG – a network upon which you can rely, made up of like-minded independently owned companies.

We may not boast the largest membership, but we can certainly assure you of quality members whom you can get to know on an individual basis at our conferences – find out more about becoming a member on our membership opportunities page.

Benefits to Members

  • low annual membership fees
  • originally founded by members for members, most of whom remain members
  • has Global coverage in over 130 cities in over 50 countries
  • offers exclusive territory representation, enforced by the Protection Criteria
  • organises an annual mandatory conference to strengthen relationships and promote new business
  • offers a member to member liability insurance fund
  • is a non-profit organisation

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