Global Logistics Family

The Global Logistics Family (GLF) is based in the United Kingdom, and emanates from the Offices of freight professionals who understand intimately the needs of International, privately owned and managed Freight Forwarders who want to take their global marketing strength to a higher level with a common identity and a strict ethical and practical code of conduct. These skills are employed to manage the network, organise professional conferences with one to one meetings, and development of targeted reciprocal business.

The unique advantages of working within the framework of a dynamic and managed network are linked with worldwide representation coupled with personal attention. Truly the best of both worlds for you and your clients!

This network will work for you on an exclusive membership platform, city by city, and multimodal, throughout the world, offering an integrated door to door service with professional, established businesses who will share our aim of creating the world’s most successful and efficient global logistics network.

Benefits of GLF Membership

BAs a privately owned freight forwarder, the principal advantage of becoming a full member of GLF are that you will gain the advantage of the worldwide connections of a strong, professionally managed organisation established in the UK since 2009.

You will also be the exclusive representative of your designated area, so you will immediately join a global network of offices who will want to send their business to you and expand their business within your marketplace. You will not share your area with any competitor.

GLF encourages a spirit of cooperation and unity among its members, which consequently creates significant new business. Each year members meet at the GLF Annual Conference, which will be a perfect occasion for networking and partnership development between members. There is also daily participation in the protected email networks.

Membership Benefits

  • Exclusive membership city by city and not shared with any other company
  • Contact details listed in GLF Membership Directory
  • Company details added to the GLF website
  • Participation in Annual Conference with voting privileges
  • Authorised use of secure Members Area of GLF Website

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