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Globalink Network

Why the Globalink Network?

There is nothing more important for your business, especially in these uncertain economic times, that you grow your revenue and client base.

For over ten years the Globalink Network has consistently proven to independent freight forwarders around the world that its approach offers an effective, low cost, business tool that not only helps company’s build their business but also provides a very attractive return on their investment.

Globalink is a tool that works, if you work the tool. It is an excellent supplemental business growth strategy that offers a very low cost approach, and large upside benefits.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continually build the best worldwide forwarder network in the industry and to partner with our members to increase business and market awareness.

Together, our combined efforts in expanding the value of the network, in turn, continues to contribute to each member’s expanding success.


There are numerous benefits with Globalink, but the key benefit of our Network is for your company to access a very low cost approach to building your business. When one considers all the economic challenges these days, expanding your revenue base is the very best protection your business can enjoy.

Globalink offers your firm an “outsourced” agency sales program at a fraction of what it would cost you to duplicate this program in house. If you would like to read these benefits in more detail please click here: The Globalink Network Benefits.

In terms of working with agents around the world, you now have another choice.

The Globalink Network is far more cost effective, far less risky and with far more value for you, when compared to the traditional “Agent to Agent” model. If you are still operating in an “Agent to Agent” model, you are working in a model that can’t begin to approach the leverage, protection, and communication and support that the Globalink Network offers. For more on this please click on: Why Stay in an Agent To Agent Model?

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