Icon Logistics Network

We at Icon Logistics Network starting our Services on March 2017. We will be having a dedicated team of Recruitment which will work on recruitment in search of active freight forwarders to make them Member of the family.

Our significant focus will always be on our Members so that they could take advantage of our growth. We aim to bring more profitable business opportunities and contacts across the world to you.


We are your source for you to connect to new People who are into forwarding; we are situated in Singapore to connect whole world Freight forwarders into one Family. We are Icon Logistics Network.


We try to connect you to new people who are into freight forwarding across the world with our global coverage.


Our mission is to build the best freight forwarding network there is in the world as well as to increase profitable business for our members.


Icon Logistics Network always welcomes you to join us and to make it quick we made it very simple. To join us please fill in the registration form available on our website.

Icon Logistics Network brings you top local and regional freight forwarders from markets all over the world in a group that provides shippers and exporters with better value and logistics power. Our members have full-fledged services who can serve you with proper services keeping professionalism parallel to it.

Members will also have the opportunity to do DDU/ DDP or DAP (Delivery at your place) shipments among yourselves within the protection of Trust fund.

We understand how important costing is involved in this competitive world where every firm’s major concentration will be on managing costs, that’s the reason here we made sure that costing involved when joining us should not be expensive and it should be quite easy to be done, that made us keep the Membership fee of USD 950.00 and Trust Fund fee of USD 500 (Waived for year 2015)

For more visit: www.iconlogisticsnetwork.com