Multimodal Freight Network

Multimodal Freight Network ( MFN ) is a private owned network for all companies’ size. We are different from most of the other networks in the market as we offer to our members the revolution of freight forwarders network services. We are definitely a neutral organization, dealing with all members equally and do not provide any forwarding activity at all, but we are providing the administrative management of the network in accordance with the top professional standards.

We do not profit from the movement of freight, however our only concern is keeping you well connected to your markets and well equipped to oversee the smooth and efficient transport.

Our well selected members constitute a global network of fully integrated and guaranteed partners, working within the same frame of rules and agreements.

Non-exclusive as Members can join other alliances to expand their market potential & worldwide connections.

Network Benefits

  • No Competition In Our Network
  • The Reasonable Membership Fees
  • Member Satisfaction
  • Conferences
  • Partners All Around The Globe
  • 24/7 Customer Service Support
  • Online Chatting
  • Daily News Broadcasts
  • Financial Protection Program
  • Innovation
  • Simple
  • Quick Way

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