Oman Logistics Association (OLA)

The Oman Logistics Association (OLA) is the first Society in Oman’s logistics industry to be officially approved and registered in the sultanate of Oman, in 2018 under regulations governing the formation of societies with the Ministry of Social Development. OLA is a non-Government and non-profit organization focusing on the logistic sector in the sultanate of Oman.


OLA works with Member, Government, Organizations, and Professionals in developing, promoting and enhancing the logistics industry in the Sultanate of Oman, which will enable the sultanate to become the regional and international logistics hub.


OLA work together to develop a competent National Workforce and to promote Professionalism and excellence in the Logistics Industry, support Enterprise level efforts to transform and grow through Productivity and Innovation.


OLA provides a single umbrella body to promote and facilitate agreements on common standards covering QHSE, work competency, operational effectiveness, and Human Resource Development. Our overall aim is to raise the standards of Oman’s logistics industry and propel it to become world-class, internationally competitive, and prosperous for the benefit of the business community and the country.
OLA is the conduit by which the “Voice of the Industry” can be heard and our unique structure ensures impartiality for any single organization or government body. Our projects and programs are created specifically to aid local talent development which consequently adds value to related initiatives. OLA provides member companies with a unique platform to contribute to and influence the development of the national agenda.

Products & Services

To maintain a unified and effective strategy, OLA facilities numerous events, forums, and committees in addition to one-to-one meetings that enable OLA to listen to and understand common needs and challenges faced by member companies. OLA then identifies opportunities and solutions for all stakeholders in the countries. OLA then identifies opportunities and solutions for all stakeholders in the country’s Logistics industry. OLA takes part in numerous advisory committees of Oman’s Government, which enables us to work out solutions in harmony for the greater benefit of the Sultanate of Oman.

Labour Market Study

Analysis project on the Omani Labour Market with an emphasis on understanding and analyzing the various qualitative and quantitative aspects of the Labour Market Trends and Labour Market Dynamics in the Logistics Sector of the Sultanate of Oman. The trends cover the distribution of the workforce, historical trends, and future demands while the labour market dynamics cover recruitment, hard-to-fill roles, skills shortage, staff retention, apprentices, and graduates, and finally training and development.