PANGEA LOGISTICS NETWORK is an International Freight Network of First Class independent Freight Forwarders with agents in all main airports/seaports worldwide. Our aim is to promote collaboration between Member Companies in order to gain competitiveness on the present market.

What does Pangea offer ?

To join the Pangea Global Network of Freight Forwarder allows you to enjoy the same resources as a multinational in the transport and logistics sector but still keeping the autonomy of an independent freight forwarder.You will count on advantages such as a bonus discount of 25 dollars for each shipment that you make through the Network, online tools for carrying out and following up shipments, professional marketing resources, limited exclusivity and the prestige of forming part of a leading freight forwarders association.

What does Pangea mean ?

Pangea was an enormous continent that joint all the lands of the planet 300 million years ago. We have called our Network Pangea Logistics Network to symbolize our vision of a world in which there are no limits existing for the transport sector thanks to the efficient.

Sarah Bidmead leads the PANGEA Network, applying her vast experience in Networking and Marketing to develop a premium Network of Independent Freight Forwarders worldwide.Sarah is an experienced business developer and consultancy that has provided leadership, guidance and advice to private organizationsand associations from diverse sectors (Legal, Telecommunications, Accountancy, Education, Logistics). Being truly passionate and devoted to networking, communication and technology Sarah has founded PANGEA, in order to implement her background in a such a challenging field as International Freight Forwarding.

Why Pangea?

Discover the strength of network cooperation

When we decided to start up the Pangea international network of freight forwarders, we did so to respond to a series of tendencies that were occurring in the transport sector and which threatened the future of the business such as we knew it. You can see what we refer to as follows!

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