Planet Logistics Network.

Planet Logistics Network therefore places significant networking to fully take advantage of this growth. Our current members have all benefited with increased business volumes and more transactions simply by joining Planet Logistics Network and transacting with one another. With a large database of members, Planet Logistics Network can offer a full range of business opportunities to members to better serve their needs and more importantly, their bottom-line.

Being part of this leading international logistics network, Planet Logistics Network offers you a
unique opportunity to get to know our members more personally and bringing them new business opportunities and contacts throughout the world to you and our members. An annual conference is held purely for members to network and get to know one another.

Planet Logistics Network was established in June 2010 and now comprises a network of [220] members with in [92] countries worldwide.

It is one of the fastest growing logistics networks in the world. In a period of approximately one year, Planet Logistics Network has attracted more than [200+] logistics companies. Planet Logistics Network don’t believe in an over-crowded network and that is why our policy is to have 5 Member in each Country except USA,CHINA and INDIA which has up to 15 members.


  • As an independent forwarder, you are part of a multi-national network that provides access to business partners from 5 different continents.
  • Whilst doing business among members including DDU/ DDP or DAP , you will be protected by a trust fund, and in 3 years, you will enjoy the benefits of the stipulated trust fund scheme (policy) less liabilities among existing members.
  • Opportunities to develop business partnerships and ventures face to face through our annual conference.

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