Premier Cargo Alliance

We are pleased to introduce you to the PCA – Premier Cargo Alliance Network, a Global Freight Alliance Network for Independent Freight Forwarders, Logistic Companies and Service Providers in the Transportation Industry.

My partners and I have travelled around the globe, engaging in many one-on-one discussions regarding the challenges small to midsize companies face when competing in today’s global market, dominated by multinational companies and we believe that we are one of the top global logistics companies that do this.

We have included this knowledge into the development of the PCA Global Freight Alliance Network and created user friendly products to support all aspects of our Member’s business.

All of our PCA Network features are mobile-friendly, providing efficient and immediate access between Members.

We have developed an industry-leading approach to successfully showcase your company’s strengths, products and capabilities to differentiate you from others.

PCA wishes to celebrate independent logistics companies and help you achieve great things.


  • Our unique formula
  • PCA global reach
  • PCA customer service
  • PCA payment program
  • PCA insurance
  • PCA conference and event
  • PCA payment protection plan

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