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Security Cargo Network

Successful global business is all about building TRUST & CONFIDENCE.
The two building blocks of trust are TIME and CONTACT. SCN was founded in 2002 and since then continues to expand a safe and solid platform for members to engage in business with confidence. Local knowledge and experience added to personal lasting relationships gives a winning formula
The SCN Network as a logistics solution does not only compete with multinational alternatives, it gives shippers a service level that represents a true advantage for them. For our members, it represents endless business potential with reciprocal development through the network.
We promote participation and the ideas and connections of all members. True networking between professionals


However personal the contacts are, SCN members are here to do business, and that means being paid punctually and fairly. SCN is here to make sure that happens. Central to doing secure business is creditworthiness. That is why SCN’s most effective action against bad debt is careful selection of members and continual monitoring of activity. As a final contingency plan we have SecurityPlus! Our unique Securityplus! fund gives members initially US$20,000 coverage per claim when joining, increasing by US$10,000 each three years of membership to a maximum of US$50,000 coverage per claim The SecurityPlus! fund is owned, administered and controlled by an SCN member-owned company, SecurityPlus Financial Corp. All SCN members are granted one share of stock in this corporation, which is overseen by a volunteer board of directors comprised of member-owners. This unique structure allows for any claims to be dealt with swiftly and thanks to our solid fund, we can give payments where necessary not excuses. Payments are made in case of bankruptcy or default. As the fund is member owned and operated by senior members with extensive knowledge and experience, we can act quickly to ensure compensation is paid whenever necessary. If you want further details on Securityplus! You can either download the Members’ Handbook SCN Resources | Security Cargo Network or get in touch with us at “[email protected]”.