truck-suvidha is one of the leading players in the transportation industry that connects transporters, truck drivers, customers and other related entities across India with the objective of making the material transportation simpler, quicker and efficient by providing better vehicle at affordable rates.

We help all people associated with the community achieve better profitability in their own business.  We follow best practices and business ethics for the benefit of transporter and customer community.

We help movement of the vehicle and material efficiently from one place to another at the quickest time

The first time user to register in our portal, and then provide transport related information to the registered users about the availability of the load and the vehicles in the city. Once the registrations are complete, we verify them for accuracy, list them in our portal, and then route the requirements to the appropriate registered parties through our fully operational call center.  During this process, we provide end-to-end support to the users.  This effort ensures better utilization of the vehicle capacity and its effectiveness.