World Freight Organisation

The World Freight Organisation it’s an independent freight forwarders network.
It was created to give our members a full support in their operations.
Our network is an independent and neutral company. We are not a freight forwarder and we are not controlled or influenced by any freight forwarder. WFO was not created as a quotation website, it was created to connect members with each other and ensure that we are all working under the same standards.

  • Give our members a worldwide coverage.
  • Work with the most reliable companies in the market.

Join our Organisation and find the best and most reliable partners worldwide, in order to offer your customers the best possible service in this competitive market.

WFO is a group of Professional Freight Forwarders with family atmosphere, all experience and well versed in the freight industry. The 2018 annual meeting was great opportunity to get to know partners & members and meet face-to-face for 3 days, this year annual meeting was the most successful one, well organized and set to serve the purpose. We have gained business and created opportunity and shared knowledge and experience with other members, in addition to having fun and created more friends in the industry. The WFO is highly recommended for all forwarders to join and get the business and benefit opportunity


It’s our pleasure to have you visiting our website today. WFO is a worldwide network settled on 2007, with a semi exclusive membership. It means that number of members will be directly related with the country market size. Each member, with their own associated companies; all of them widely recognized by their experience and professionalism in their respective countries.

The strategic alliance allows WFO to be very competitive and also to be able to respond positively to the demands of the international transport and logistic market, consequently reducing costs and optimizing processes in order to offer a much more personalized service. This system allows WFO to offer a very flexible positive cost-benefit service along with a high level of efficiency.


We are a global network of professional freight forwarding agents and all of us know our own markets the best. We can react to our local requirements and customers needs. For example, the customer of your consignee can be notified in his own language that a shipment is ready for collection.

It is not possible for just anyone to become a member of our network. We are restricted to accepting only the best and the most communicative of the market.

G World Freight Organisation
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Tel: +54.11.4854.2889
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