Worldwide Logistics Network

Worldwide Logistics Network was created to facilitate and expedite international transport for small to midsize freight forwarders. Our members constitute a worldwide network of trusted agents and partners available to exchange firsthand knowledge of customs rules, local regulations and resources and prevalent information about the ever changing freight forwarding industry.

Unlike major multi-national corporations, Worldwide Logistics Network and its members operate on a personal level. We will work with you directly to coordinate shipments and monitor their status and our members will make sure of their timely and cost effective arrivals.

Although Worldwide Logistics Network is not an exclusive network we will limit membership depending on the size of the market. This will help ensure that your relationship with Worldwide Logistics Network does not jeopardize those you have already established with industry contacts throughout your target markets.

While Worldwide Logistics Network maintains a professional, committed staff experienced with both the freight forwarding industry and the networking of freight forwarders, we remain a neutral third party. We are not owned by our membership, we have no ancillary involvement with the freight forwarding industry and we do not profit from the movement of freight. Our only concern is keeping you well connected to your markets and well equipped to oversee the smooth and efficient transport of your products from one border to the next.

Our Mission

  • To create a worldwide network of trusted local affiliates able to provide the financial security that is integral to the small and midsize freight forwarder’s success. World Logistics Network members are not simply agents who will handle freight, but partners who will sell for and reciprocate one another’s business.
  • Clear Definition of Territories
  • To keep our members informed about local conditions and regulations in both their current and future markets.
  • To provide sales leads to our members whenever possible.
  • To be pro-active in member disputes and settle them in a timely manner.
  • To aid the member-to-member communication process and when needed, assist members in their search for an agent.

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