Worldwide Partners Alliance

Worldwide Partners Alliance (WPA) is an independent and professionally managed global network of leading transportation and logistics providers that specialize in both Air & Ocean Freight Forwarding and Niche/Specialized market services.

Founded by industry veteran, Peter van der Knaap, the WPA vision is for a network of quality focused Members who can rely on operational integrity, honesty and mutual sales development in their dealings with each other.

Since its inception in October 2010, WPA has experienced rapid – but controlled – growth due to its high standards, strict membership criteria and reasonable Membership Fees.

WPA wants and demands integrity when it comes to debt settlement between members. With this in mind, WPA has developed its own unique WPA Gold Fund procedures. The $500.00 contribution to the Gold Fund is per 12 month paid membership and the fund remains under control/ownership of WPA and is not members funds. If a member leaves WPA there is NO refund on Gold Fund contributions. WPA also has an important rule that any member reported for tardy payments x 3 times may be terminated under the “3 red dots and you are out” rule. There are no membership fee refunds if this action is needed.


  • Establishing working relationships with like-minded companies in domestic and overseas locations
  • Having access to a network of pre-qualified or recommended/referred members
  • Being able to participate in “niche market” services with unlimited members accepted
  • Having access to a neutral and impartial network management team
  • Knowing that your receivables are secured by the WPA Gold Fund
  • Being able to attend a well organized Annual Conference designed to maximize business development.
  • Maximum of 3 members per service per recognized Port or Airport location unless in a well developed area such as Shanghai, London, New York, etc. where the maximum will be 5 members.
  • A generous interactive Referral Program that benefits members for their recommendations.
  • Weekly eNewsletter covering Member & Industry News, new members, etc.

For more visit: ourwpa.com