Worldwide Project Consortium was founded in 1998 with the aim to connect independent project cargo forwarding companies under one umbrella. Today the Worldwide Project Consortium represents a top brand easily recognized within the project cargo industry. Through the WWPC shippers, carriers and forwarding partners have a first class reference source to locate the most professional project cargo specialists in the represented countries.

The philosophy to offer the best expertise through outstanding performances by the network’s members is the formula behind the success and strength of the network. The network is administered and operated on a daily basis by professional, entrepreneurial project cargo managers who understand and serve the network’s members.

Exclusive membership

Providing a strong regional and international market position the WWPC grants exclusive membership for one company per country or designated area in larger continents. This constitutes an essential requirement to conduct trade in the project cargo market, avoid confusion with subcontractors and allows a confidential and professional preparation and handling of project related tasks.

Membership with the Worldwide Project Consortium is awarded based on an application process involving the network’s management and the Board of Advisors and only the most dedicated , experienced and viable experts with a proven track record  in project forwarding will be admitted to WWPC.

Our globe spanning membership directory gives further information about the location of our members.

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