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We summed up our business management and freight forwarding experiences and created YOUR CARGO NETWORK, a professional, cost effective network with a special 4-year program for the long term business partnership development and success of Your Agents. In Your you can truly hope that you have found your best partners on the other side of the earth. We want to have  good businesses and cooperation among our Members rather than friendships.

We are collecting and selecting such potential partners solely who are professional, pay respect to the other Agents, generate real businesses and real profit. It also our purpose is to give you some PLUS by bringing you into the decisions, formulation and every day life of YOUR.Therefore we believe that active communication is vitally important for the sake of the fine operation of our Network, so we do not only encourage, but expect from our Members to answer each other’s enquiries within 24 hours. We also expect to answer for the Your Management’s emails and/or mobile phone/ App messages within the shortest time possible!

We also believe that what is good for the YOUR Agents must pilot our acts in decision making to bring you the best. The YOUR team is professional, paying respect to all nations of the world. We make business decisions, rather than emotional ones, with a great deal of goodwill for the sake of our common success.


  • Clear check of Members’ availability
  • Simple registration
  • Simple YOUR platform
  • Possibility to receive shipments and routings from other Your Members
  • Simple database in excel
  • More than 20 years experience
  • Welcome start up companies
  • Professional
  • Full time admin support
  • Max. 2 Members for small countries
  • 23.9 USD/ month
  • 4 YEAR program
  • Biannual meetings
  • Free mobile App support
  • Reasonable conference fees
  • Neutral arbitration
  • Your map support
  • Professional Agents worldwide
  • Access to a wealth of company data worldwide
  • Handle airfreight, project cargo and ocean freight with new partners worldwide

Tel: +36 30 185 9561
Mail: [email protected]